#22580   Premier Water Garden and Design Company

#22580   Premier Water Garden and Design Company

The Garden Ponds y as a Diversified and Growing

The Company represents a Compelling Acquisition Opportunity as a Diversified and Growing Water Garden Provider and Service Company with a Superior Reputation. This Company can be purchased as an add on or stand alone business. The Company’s growth can be attributed mainly to their strengths and advantages in the areas of reliability, integrity, quality of work, timeliness of response, competitive pricing and geographic location as well as long tenured positions with their employees. The Company has much to offer a potential purchaser in the areas of stability and potential growth and a management team in place willing to grow this Company to the next level. They are recognized for their good reputation, reliability, strong customer base, good cash flow, and they still have growth potential.

This water gardening innovator is an award-winning brand in the industry. The Company carries a wide variety of items including water garden pumps, aquatic plants, biological filters, kits,  fountains, pond lighting, fish, garden rock, and boulders, and other miscellaneous decorative products.

Located: Oklahoma

Services offered: Custom Designs, Maintenance Agreements, Retail Sales, Installation Repair, and Service

Cliental: Residential and Multi-site Housing, Commercial Real Estate and Municipalities (such as parks, recreations, very diversified client base.


Revenue:  $1.9mm+

EBITDA:  $341K

Inventory:  (adjusted in due diligence)

Assets: $1.3mm (May 2022)



W. Brad Troutman

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions LLC

iversified and Growing