Buyers Wanting to Buy a Business

Buying a Business, Business ownership is the most lucrative career opportunity available today!

Why use a Professional  Business Broker or Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor?

The process of becoming a business owner and buying a business comes naturally for some, while for others, it is an extremely intimidating and complex process. Regardless of an individual’s background, a prospective buyer should be as prepared and fully informed as possible. Often this means enlisting the assistance of a professional business broker to aid in the process of buying a business.

At APEX Mergers & Acquisitions, we will assist all prospective buyers in locating businesses for sale, gathering and evaluating the information on these opportunities, structuring an attractive purchase offer, and obtaining the financing necessary to buy a business. The professionals and business brokers are dedicated to serving all buyers in their goals of business ownership. Through many years and many successful transactions, APEX business brokers have come to fully understand the unique motivating factors involved in buying a business. Whether you are an individual, public company, or private company/private investment group, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

An APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Broker / Advisor will:

  • Assist buyers in targeting potential areas of interest and pinpointing the right business for sale
  • Present detailed information packages on each of our listings of businesses for sale
  • Help value and structure the offer to buy a business
  • Negotiate terms of the business you want to buy
  • Keep objectivity in a highly emotional and complex process in buying a business
  • Remain sensitive to the confidentiality issues throughout the transaction to buy a business
  • Recommend lenders to assist in arranging financing for your acquisition

The Process of  Buying a Business and Becoming a Business Owner

Buying a business should not be taken lightly. APEX Mergers & Acquisitions are experienced Oklahoma Business Brokers that can assist you in finding a business for sale and coordinate the sequence of events, which are:

  • Buy a Business – Enlist the assistance of an APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Broker to aid you in finding the right business for sale.
  • Define your Acquisition Criteria and Self Assessment – Be prepared to discuss your background, work experience, financial ability to buy a business, and specific types of businesses and preferred locations to help find a business for sale that meets your needs.
  • Review Businesses For Sale – Based on your qualifications and acquisition criteria, one of our business brokers will review with you businesses for sale that meet your goals. Profiles that provide a summary of the businesses for sale and financial information will be provided after you sign a Confidentiality Agreement. You may request pictures of the businesses for sale.
  • Meeting the Business For Sale Owner and Touring the Business – Once you’ve selected those businesses for sale that you believe best meet your investment criteria, the business broker will schedule appointments with the business for sale owners so you can see the facilities and operations as well as ask questions regarding the operations of the business for sale.
  • Due Diligence and Offering Process – A business broker will help you negotiate and complete the Letter of Intent, which provides the terms and conditions under which you are willing to buy a business for sale and the seller is willing to sell the business.
  • Closing – After all closing documents have been reviewed and approved by the principals and their team, a closing date will be scheduled.

Finding a Businesses for Sale with APEX Mergers & Acquisitions LLC 

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Broker affiliations with National and International Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition associations guarantee you that we adhere to the highest professional standards when helping you buy a business. And, as a client, these networks enable the APEX Mergers & Acquisitions broker or advisors to provide you with access to the broadest number of qualified, potential buyers or sellers – something you just can’t get with many neighborhood real estate and business for sale firms. Instead of having access to your local market, we expose you to worldwide opportunities when buying a business, to find you the best suitable business for sale.

Benefits of Buying a Business

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions experienced Business Brokers use the same care in helping match you to the appropriate businesses for sale that we would if we were buying a business for ourselves, since we have all been successful business owners and/or managers before joining the firm. We can help you buy a business at ease with an experienced professional advisor or business broker with you every step of the way.

Through our global network affiliations, APEX Mergers & Acquisitions have access to thousands of worldwide business for sale listings – many of which are never advertised publicly – giving you the maximum number of qualified candidates for buying a business within your targeted geographic area of consideration. Our business brokers uncover the maximum number of opportunities so you can buy a business, with the reassurance that you found the best suitable business for sale that meets your needs.

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions valuation can help determine the fair market value of the business for sale in which you are interested to ensure that you’re getting maximum value for your dollars spent. M&A Business Brokers will use our banking contacts to assist you in arranging financing, if necessary, for you to buy a business. This includes traditional financing or SBA small business loans.

Helping you find the right business to buy is only the first step in business acquisition. APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Broker will be with you to guide and assist your team throughout the entire process of buying a business, including the closing.

Buy a Business

You may already have businesses for sale you have identified and are looking to acquire and you simply want a professional opinion on price or assistance in due diligence. Alternatively, you may want help to develop an acquisition strategy and then to implement that plan. Whatever your situation, APEX Mergers & Acquisitions has an expert Broker with ideas and suggestions to help you.

There are three typical ways APEX Mergers & Acquisitions LLC serve clients:

  1. Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions Team

    APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Broker works with your CEO and CFO, as well as in your in-house Corporate Development team to identify, screen, target and acquire mid-size companies
  2. Acquisition Advice

    APEX Mergers & Acquisitions is engaged to assist in specific parts of the acquisition process, including:

    Identifying; screening; initiating contact; approaching; qualifying; valuing; appraising; financial modeling; due diligence; deal structure; negotiation; working with your team drafting and executing purchase agreements; deal completion; post-closing adjustments.

    We can also arrange the debt or equity to finance the business for sale.

    We have completed acquisitions in many industry sectors, so a client can direct APEX to assist in a particular task and be confident that we have the expertise to deliver results.
  3. Full Acquisition Service

    APEX Mergers & Acquisitions can develop a tailored acquisition strategy for you.

    We will consider the strategic fit and profile of companies that you should acquire – industry type; private or publicly held; revenue; earnings; cash flow; inventory; employee count; geographic coverage; management capabilities; integration risks and other parameters.

    The result of our full acquisition service is a pool of qualified target businesses for sale that match your criteria, many of which are not yet for sale and not talking to other buyers.

    APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Brokers aid and assist your team manager in the entire process from initial ideas to completing the acquisitions.

    Not only that, but we also consider a post-acquisition plan to integrate the new companies. Historically, this is the area most often overlooked and most likely to cause an acquisition to fail.

    APEX Mergers & Acquisitions maintains one of the largest and most diverse databases of privately held midsize companies in the U.S. We regularly access our relationships with business owners, private equity groups, investors, professional intermediaries, professional service firms, industry associations, and other relevant sources.

Helping Buyers Succeed in Buying a Business

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Brokers offer search services to public and private companies that are interested in expanding or diversifying through acquisition.

Our team works closely with your in-house M&A staff or serves as a logical alternative for companies that don’t have dedicated acquisition staff. As your corporate development partner, we simplify the search process and improve the likelihood of achieving your objectives.

Corporate Search

We will conduct an aggressive search on your behalf. We will begin by working with you and your team to determine your specific acquisition criteria. Once determined, APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Broker will begin an exhaustive search to identify, solicit, and analyze prospective acquisition targets. APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Business Broker will represent you throughout the entire process from the initial identification of an acquisition through closing. We work with you as your business development partner, helping you achieve your corporate objectives.

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions Criteria Profile

Buyers interested in receiving information about our listings must meet certain criteria and be qualified as “sophisticated investors.”

APEX Mergers & Acquisitions LLC encourages your registration if you have unencumbered cash to invest in an acquisition, to buy businesses, or in the form of a Merger.

*Indicates required information.


We are interested in buying a business and would like to be notified of opportunities in the following industries:

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Capital Raising

Meeting Your Needs for Capital

APEX’s Capital Raising Group targets institutions and other lenders by using the most current sources for research and accessing our proprietary database of private equity firms. Our professionals are experienced in raising capital for growth or other recapitalization purposes –in financing transactions for middle-market companies.

Our team arranges both senior debt and subordinated debt and equity capital to companies. The APEX capital raising engagements are typically involved with funding growth, acquisition financing, shareholder buyouts, recapitalization for partial liquidity, and bank refinancing. Types of debt and equity raises include bank debt, sub-debt, mezzanine, bridge, and common or preferred equity.

We work with companies, both profitable or currently restructuring, in virtually all industries that are seeking capital, with the exception of companies in these industries: Construction, Biotech, and Real Estate Development.

Types of Capital

  • Senior debt: typically, secured debt
  • Mezzanine and bridge financing: Unsecured but could involve warrants or other equity instruments
  • Equity: Investor takes an ownership position in your company
  • Combination of the above

Purposes for Capital

  • Growth equity
  • Acquisition funding
  • Bank refinancing
  • Recapitalization for partial liquidity
  • Management buyouts

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