Exit Planning

There are a lot of reasons to buy a business: independence, financial security, the pursuit of a dream. But have you thought about how you are going to sell a business? Business Exit Planning is a customized process of setting goals and deciding how best to sell business. It helps you maximize your financial return and minimize your tax liability when you sell your business. If you pass away or become disabled before you retire, APEX M&A, Business Exit Planning will help the business survive your departure enabling you and your family to receive its full value.

It is the deliberate, adaptable way that a business owner can leave their business on their  terms and on their schedule. The process will yield a highly-tailored result for each business owner and ensure that all issues are covered.

APEX  M & A takes the following approach:

A complete APEX M & A, Business Exit Plan rests on a 7 step design process. These steps are illustrated in seven simple questions:

  1. Do you know your exact retirement goals and what it will take to reach them, in cash?
  2. Do you know how much your business is worth today, in cash?
  3. Do you know the best way to maximize the income stream generated by your ownership interest?
  4. Do you know how to sell your business to a third party and pay the least possible taxes?
  5. Do you know how to transfer or sell your business to family members, co-owners, or employees while paying the least possible taxes and enjoying maximum financial security?
  6. Do you have a continuity plan for your business if the unexpected happens to you?
  7. Does your family have financial security if the unexpected happens to you?

The corresponding Exit Planning Steps are:

  1. Establishing Owner Objectives
  2. Establishing Business Value
  3. Building Value and Cash Flow
  4. Selling a Business to a Third Party for Top Dollar
  5. Transferring to Management or Family Members
  6. Developing a Contingency Plan for the Business
  7. Family Wealth Preservation Planning

In summary, owners face a number of barriers to a successful exit from their businesses:

  • Most owners don’t know that there is an Exit Planning Process that works.
  • Most business brokers and advisors are unaware of all that can be done to assist owners as they begin to plan for their business exits.
  • Without planning, exiting or selling your business can be daunting- as a result, owners wait until it is too late to undertake it.