#17010 Commercial Oilfield Saltwater Disposal Well

#17010 Commercial Oilfield Saltwater Disposal Well


This Oilfield Disposal Company was founded in 2013 and has been under current ownership since startup as an Ohio LLC. This Company is established in a prime shale play area in this state with no weight limit roads leading into the 13-acre disposal site. The SWD well is permitted for Class II. In 2015, with the number of bbls. of fluid injected, it was ranked #9th in the State for the largest SWD facility. The company has a current operating license for operating the well, as well as being current and in good standing with the Ohio Natural Resources Corporation. The well has 4-1/2” casing and 2-7/8” polymer lined tubing, protection switches, permitted for 2K bbls. per day, disposal formation is the Mt. Simon Sandstone.

The office building is appx. 600 sq. ft., was built in 2013 and has a 1 ac. gravel packed, yard which can hold 3 trucks at the same time to unload. Equipment list will be furnished with CIM.


Corporate Structure and Ownership:

This Disposal Company has four owners and currently employs 4 full-time employees. The business could be expanded by adding additional oilfield services and hiring a salesperson bringing in more business.


Motivation for the Sale:

The current owner is ready to focus on other plans and has agreed to stay on through a reasonable transition period, if needed.


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