#15300 Oilfield Research & Development Business For Sale

#15300 Oilfield Research & Development Company for Sale

We currently have a truly exciting opportunity to purchase this Oilfield Research and Development Company, formed as an LLC in 2010, and located in the Midwest. Prior to 2010, one of the owners had spent 19 years of his time and personal capital investing in the development of the gas injection unit which led to the original thinning process patented in 2003. The current management team has 100 years of experience in tenured positions. This management team is willing to continue with the business and one of the owners has expressed an interest in staying involved through an agreed upon transition period.
 This company has further developed, over a period of five years, a proven process which has been patented that greatly simplifies the process and effectiveness of thinning heavy oils both below ground and above ground, and aids in the break-up of paraffin in oil. The equipment necessary to implement this process has also been designed and constructed by the company. 
Next, the Company has designed, developed, and constructed a patent pending device used to remove liquids from gas. This process can be used to not only dehydrate gas it could also be used to protect compressors or pipelines from liquids, vapor recovery, remove compressor heat before and between stages regardless of ambient temperature, remove targeted liquids from natural gas, control process temperatures, or liquefy natural gas.
The company also has a proven method of enhancing the flow of oil and gas through injection either in conjunction with the fracking process, or in older existing wells whose production flows have greatly diminished over time due to a lack of force in a particular zone or several zones. How many stripper wells are in existence today that are marginally profitable at best? This enhanced oil recovery system can greatly extend the life and production capacity of many of these wells. The Company’s process can also be used as an acid cleanup, or to clean out gas wells, or can be used for pigging pipelines, as well as used for EOR. The equipment/process has been field tested over a period of five years which was required in order to ferret out any and all operational problems.
These processes can be performed in a cost advantaged manner, in comparison to traditional methods, in each of the applications mentioned above. The current facilities are adequate to support the current operations and administrative functions of the company.
The company has generated revenue throughout the life of the company, varying from year to year based on equipment/process developments. 
The Seller is looking for an Investor or Buyout or Recap to assit in manufacturing and taking the equipment to market.
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