#10950 Oilfield Service Fluid Transportation & Frac Tank Rental Business for Sale


Oilfield Service Fluid Transportation & Rental Business for Sale

#10950 Oilfield Fluid Transportation & Rental 


  Founded in 2009 and based in the Midwest, the Oilfield Service Tank Truck & Rental Business for Sale is one of the leading fluid transportation and frac tank rental businesses in the corner of its state. Serving a 60-mile radius from its highly visible, owned location that services some of the largest oil and gas fields and hot shale play in the region, this highly profitable Company has experienced exceptional annual revenue growth since 2010, with its adjusted EBITDA margin exceeds industry standards and very clean financials. 

Driving its revenue growth is its location and dedicated service to their clients with large drilling programs. The Company is able to leverage its relationships with customers to additional revenue streams as it continues its remarkable growth.   

Known for its reliability, integrity, quality of work, timeliness of response, competitive pricing and geographic location, the Company is considered a leader in the region with a reputation for first class service.  In addition, valued at $17million in fixed assets, the Company’s equipment, including transports, superheaters and frac tank rental, are current and well maintained, adding to its ability to consistently deliver for customers. The Company’s current equipment list can be provided upon request.

The Company’s headquarters, with its office and yard, is owned by the Seller and can be included with the sale or leased with option to buy.  Located just off a highway frontage road, the combined office and shop is approximately 28,875 square feet and a more-than 20-acre gravel packed storage yard are included.

Despite its significant growth to date, the Company offers great opportunity for further growth by expanding its territory, adding personnel and offering additional service lines, as the area’s gas and oil fields have significant growth potential.  The Company also believes that there is a need for additional equipment in the area and, if proper investment is made, income could be increased significantly.  

The Company for sale has enjoyed low-employee turnover and currently employs twenty-six (26) full time employees, most of whom have significant tenure with the Company.  In addition, the management team is willing to continue with the growth of this Company. 

The Oilfield Service Company for Sale has clean financials ready for a prepestive Buyer, along with an update asset list..


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2018 ending Revenue:                                  $13.5m

Adjusted EBITDA:                                         $5.3m

Fixed Assets:                                                 $17+mm

A/R’s:                                                             $1.3mm (45 day turn around)


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